We are a group of ex-smokers who fell in love with Vaping and because of it finally quit smoking, And now we run the biggest Vape store in Indonesia dedicated to spreading the cause of Vaping and in providing this healthier alternative to Indonesian smokers.

As a company we believe in quality and that is reflected in the choice of products that we stock and in the nature of the service that we provide to our customers.

All members of our staff are seasoned Vapers trained over time on the nuances of Vaping and in understanding customer needs.

Using our experience gained by interacting with thousands of smokers and Vapers alike, we provide a stepwise alternative to smokers to quit the habit by exposing them to the world of Vaping.

And to ensure complete exposure and appreciation to the joys of Vaping, we provide our customers the latest high quality products from all across the world.

We understand that smokers continue smoking, not because they do not appreciate the danger, but because the joy they derive from it overrides the fear of consequences. And we know, that by embracing Vaping, they can continue getting the same joy and thrill but without endangering their lives or falling prey to painful diseases.

And Movi is dedicated to provide this alternative.